European Tours and River Cruising Opportunities

Terilynn’s Travel can book European tours and river cruises for you!

At Globus, we create tours with just the right balance of included features – from Local Favorites to VIP access at must-see sites – and free time. We’re all about hidden gems, not hidden charges. That’s why we throw in more visits, toss in more experiences and include more sightseeing, all in the price of the tour package. We also rest where the action is.

Every Globus tour itinerary features hotels in the heart of each destination. And, when you know the ropes of travel, you also know how to get in front of them. We work hard behind the scenes to get our travelers front and center at the world’s greatest sights. As a result, we minimize lines and wait times. Plus, with the world’s best Tour Directors leading the way, we maximize the scene, scenery and overall enjoyment for each and every traveler.


15 magical days along the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers with Avalon’s Impression in Golden October. From the picturesque vineyards of Austria’s Wachau Valley, to Germany’s fairy tale castles, it was a spectacular journey with highlights of Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Holland.